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Monday, June 30, 2008

Our first week in Blogville

We had a really fun and eventful week last week. My sister-in-law Cynthia (married to my brother Jeff) and her three kids, Davis, Aubrey and Shack were here all week for part of their "summer down south" trip. We went swimming a couple of days, and one night all of us went to Dave and Busters along with my sister Shannon and her family and had a great time bowling. It was our boys' first time bowling and they loved it! Another night we went to Shannon and Kevin's for dinner and all the kids had fun on their "mini farm" picking plums and blackberries, and having a small-scale fireworks show. Mimi came to town to take Cynthia and her kids to Georgia, along with Shannon & Kevin's kids and Silas too. I kept telling Silas that he would be gone for a whole week, which was a pretty long time. He said that was fine, he didn't care. He just asked, "Are my brothers going?" and when I replied no, they weren't, he threw up his arms and said very excitedly "YES!!!!! I didn't want them to!" That's a little bit sad to me, but I totally understand why he was excited. He needs a break every now and then, as we all do!
Saturday we had a really lazy day and then went to our good friends Jason and Melanie's little boy Max's 2nd birthday party. It was a nice relaxing way to end a busy week!

Is there room for 5 more?

Well, here we are, in the wonderful world of blogging. Since we set up a special blog for Eli, I decided we should have one for the whole family so no one would feel left out. For all of you who I know are always wondering, "What are those Sheahens up to?", then this will give you a glimpse into our crazy lives! Here goes....