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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Visit with Santa yesterday...

wish I could have been faster on this one... it is still so sweet though!

and even Katy was there!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I promise I haven't forgotten about our blog... I've just been super busy since my last post! Besides keeping up with our three wildly energetic and always getting wilder boys, I've had alot of work to do. In November, I did four shows for my stationery, and I've been going non-stop since then. At last count, I did over 2190 holiday cards, 1760 notecards, and 1395 enclosure cards just since November. Wowzers!! I just delivered my last order yesterday, so I am officially DONE for the season! I basically worked myself into a sickness and was pretty much down for the count all last week, but am better now and actually got our own cards out just in the nick of time! My poor husband and children are tired of me saying, "I can't right now, I have to work"! So no more of that for a couple of weeks anyway. (although I am meeting with a bride tomorrow, but she's not getting married until August, so we've got plenty of time) Now we are just enjoying Jonathan's time off and getting ready for the big day on Thursday, when we'll open presents with the boys and Jonathan's parents, and then drive to Atlanta to spend a few days with my family. The fun never ends! I will post pictures soon, I just wanted to write a quick update on why I haven't been updating!
New Year's resolution #1- update blog more.
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! May God fill your lives with His goodness and grace.