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Monday, August 25, 2008

The return of the poopy TWIN

The culprit

He knows Mommy is not happy!

"The Poopy Twins" first appearance last summer

Well, today it happened again. It has been just over a year since the last incident.

(For those of you who don't know the incident I am referring to, the "Poopy Twins" made their first, horrifying appearance last July. Here is my commentary on that:

"The "poopy twins" group of pictures happened on a lovely afternoon in July when Jonathan was out of town (nice how he planned that). I went to get Eli & Cooper up from their naps and this is what I found. I was not very happy with them to put it nicely. After an hour + of clean up and scrub downs, I was finally able to call a friend and laugh about it (only a little :). Here is the really funny part. When I first walked in the room and was finally able to speak, I said in a not so nice or soft voice, "You- are NOT dogs!", and Eli, with the cutest sound he could muster, said, "Woof woof?". It was pretty funny- but I really couldn't laugh at the time!")

This time it was Cooper working alone, while Eli peacefully slept, not knowing the deed that was being done just below his bed. (And although this incident was not as horrific as the first, there was definitely no laughing involved the second time around.) Cooper came out of his room after his nap and his right leg was covered with something that I desperately hoped was chocolate, but knew that it wasn't. I went and checked his bed and didn't see any more. Thank goodness for small miracles (I thought). After seriously getting on to him, I put him in the tub. Meanwhile, Silas limps into the bathroom with something stuck on the bottom of his foot. "OOoooo Mommy! I stepped in it!" he cried. "Stepped in what?" I asked, knowing he could not be talking about more poop. I followed him to Eli and Cooper's bedroom, where he found the rest of the evidence- in between their beds. It seemed that Cooper had been taking it out of his diaper and using it to finger paint on the carpet and his leg. NASTY!! Why does my sweet, cute as a button, youngest angel like to play with poop??!! I just don't understand. Poor innocent little Eli, snoring away on his bed, dreaming of Cinderella's Castle I'm sure, was awakened during all of the commotion. Thank goodness he never woke up while Cooper was at it- although he has turned into quite the responsible twin these days, so I really don't think he would have joined in.

Would he of? No, surely not. He's had enough poop drama for one year.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Goodbye summer...

This week is kind of depressing. Jonathan started back full time at school this week plus coaching the girls varsity volleyball team after school. No more easy 9-2 summer hours! This week is hopefully the worst of it though. He has something going on every single night, Monday through Friday. I hope the boys don't forget about him by the end of the week! We celebrated the passing of summer with a few fun activities over the weekend. Jonathan and I went Friday night to see "The Dark Knight", which we really enjoyed, although Jonathan thought it was a little too depressing. (I guess he thought it wasn't a "celebration" kind of movie, but I thought it went right along with "The Dark School Year" mood) My parents were in town over night Friday, so they watched the boys for us, and then we visited with them Saturday morning before they continued on to Arkansas. We got Silas a kite for his birthday this past May, and Saturday was the first day we really got it flying. It was a gorgeous day- sunny and breezy and not too hot. It took a while to find just the right wind, but once the kite got going it was crazy high! Eli and Cooper had fun watching it and smiling for the camera. Then Sunday I took Silas to the Frist Museum for Free Family Day. We had fun doing some art projects together and watching a performance by the Nashville In Motion dance group. The dancing was a little different to say the least. I think Silas enjoyed it, but I was a bit uncomfortable in parts of it... that's all I'll say on that.
Goodbye summer. See you next year.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More pictures from our trip and from recent weeks...

Eli and Silas watching the fireworks

Silas and Cooper

me & sweet Katy in Winter Park

"The Frog Prince"- Nashville downtown library

The princess- kind of creepy up close!

playing out in the courtyard


Cooper about to go in the fountain

4th of July carnival

on the dance floor

Silas on the bouncy slide

Papa and Jade

Jackson and Silas

Cynthia and her boys

Mom & Dad

Jazzy and Aubrey

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate's life for me!

Wow, that was a long trip!! Not really, I only wish we could have been at Disney World that long! We have actually been home for 3 weeks now- I am just so bad at keeping up with this blogging thing! I had so many pictures that I knew it would take me forever to upload them all and make the slideshow (which it did) and I just kept putting it off. Anyway, we had such a great time on our trip! In the two weeks we were gone, we packed in more activities than I think we've done the whole rest of the summer! The boys loved it all- the 4th of July carnival in Georgia at Aunt Sharon's club, the Tampa Devil Rays game, Christmas in July at Nonnie & Poppy's house, the dinosaur exhibit and IMAX movie at MOSI (although a little scary!), the beach, Downtown Disney (in the rain), and of course the Magic Kingdom, which proved to be just as magical to them as I hoped it would be. Even though Eli and Cooper only stayed for about 4 hours, and maybe went on 4 rides, they still talk about it every day. Eli had gotten a horrible cough and ear infection the night before and woke us all up about every hour, so Jonathan's parents took he and Cooper back to the hotel to get a good nap in the afternoon and just ended up staying in for the rest of the day. That gave Jonathan and I a chance to do a lot with Silas that we wouldn't have done with Eli and Cooper there, and we really had fun with him. For a kid who complains about alot, he never complained once and was so happy the whole day. We didn't leave the park until 11:45 and he fell asleep as soon as we got his seatbelt buckled. What a great day! We miss it already. I wish we could go back every year, like I did at summer camp when I was growing up, but I'm not sure that will work out! I got a CD while we were there that has all the theme music that is played in the park, and the boys ask to listen to it at least 3 times a day and dance around the living room. Eli loves It's a Small World, and runs around screaming "Pixie Dust!! Mommy, they said pixie dust!!" every time a song mentions it. Silas loves the creepy Haunted Mansion music and likes to chase Eli and Cooper around trying to scare them while it's playing, and loves the Pirates of the Caribbean music. It's in my head all day long! And I think in theirs too. Eli and Cooper's Bible class teacher told me Wednesday night that she was talking about Shadrach, Meshak and Abednego having a special place in God's kingdom and Eli piped up when he heard the word "kingdom". "Kingdom? We went to the Magic Kingdom! Disney World!!", he exclaimed. Then he kept singing "It's a Small World" the rest of class.
We have been busy since we've been home. The week after we got back Jonathan took off a few days and we worked on Eli and Cooper's new big boy room. We painted walls, furniture, and canvases all week. They got twin beds (thanks to Uncle Andy and Aunt Vicki!) with robot sheets and Jonathan painted each of them a huge canvas with their own robot on each. They love it all and are proud to show it off to any visitors. Cooper fell out of bed on the 2nd and 3rd nights, but no bumps in the middle of the night since then. They are acutally calmer in their beds than they were in their cribs somehow. I was worried that we'd been replaying scenes of "Super Nanny" every night, but they have done great about staying in bed so far. I'll have to post pictures of the room when we get the finishing touches done.
Eli is doing great, still pooping on the potty at least twice a day. We have turned it into movie time, so it's kind of a long ordeal after breakfast and dinner, but it helps him relax to just sit there and watch something (not a whole movie every time!) which makes it go smoother for all of us! He feels good and we are so happy that he is working! Praise the good Lord for working bowels!!
That's what we have been up to lately. I'll try to do better about blogging this week!