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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here come the "ring bears"

My little cousin Alex got married Friday night! Congratulations to he and his sweet, beautiful bride Lindsey! Eli and Cooper were the "ring bears", as they kept calling themselves. We weren't sure if they were actually going to do it, but they did so much better than I expected! They were so cute in their little suits with their special pillows- I even started tearing up when they started down the aisle! The wedding was at the Hermitage (home of Andrew Jackson for you non-Tennesseans) and was supposed to be outside in the side garden, which was amazingly beautiful, but right before the ceremony was to begin, God had other plans- and the rains came pouring down. They moved everybody to the tiny auditorium inside the museum and had the ceremony there. So Eli and Cooper only had to walk about 10 feet down the aisle instead of the original 50 or so in the garden, which meant they had way less time to fall flat on their face and start screaming or start chasing each other around in circles, crashing in to a candle along the edge of the aisle, setting an elderly lady's dress ablaze. (yes, these thoughts were going through my mind- they're only 2!) We had at least taken most of the pictures outside that afternoon. Other than the rain, everything was wonderful and beautiful and sweet, just as weddings are supposed to be!

Boy have we been busy...(a bunch of posts all rolled in to one)

We went to see the Hayes in Spring Hill on Wednesday. The boys had so much fun playing with Maddy and Jack, whom they hardly ever get to see now that they moved to the country! I had to pry them off of the tractor. I think I have a great idea for Christmas this year...

Maddy and Cooper

Cooper, Maddy and Silas


Eli and Cooper started a "tumbling tots" class at the Y on Wednesday. They absolutely loved it. Olympics- here we come!!




Silas started school on Tuesday. His last year of preschool!

with his teachers, Miss Lynne and Miss Kelly


On Labor Day, Jonathan (and Cooper) started building me a little garden plot in the backyard. I'm so excited to start planting some vegetables for the fall! And no, honey, it won't turn into a sand box.


Another Labor Day project- Eli & Cooper helped Daddy wash the cars (but mostly washed themselves)

While they washed I took some pics of my some of my favorite flowers- purslane (or moss rose I think). They are so pretty and just never give up no matter how dry it's been. I need flowers like that! I know you are laughing at me right now Amanda. (If you're even bothering to read this) :)


A fun play date with Embry and Corinna Beard


Our neighbor and friend Tiffany just had a litter of 8 puppies (her dog, not herself) and Eli and Cooper got to love and torture them when they were just a few days old!


Eli helping me take pictures at Silas' soccer practice

and Cooper too...

notice the new haircut...Jonathan took him, not me

The soccer season started for Silas a couple of weeks ago and the boys are all loving running around and showing off their skills! (just kidding about the skills part...don't really have any to speak of, but they do have fun!)