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Thursday, July 3, 2008

We're going to DisneyWorld!!!!!

We are leaving tomorrow and will be gone for the next 16 days. Wow! That's a long time. We are going first to get Silas in Georgia and will stay there at my parents house for a few days, then we are headed down to Tampa to see Jonathan's parents for a long overdue visit. We haven't been to Tampa since Christmas of 2006. That's probably one of the longest periods of time that we've been away from Tampa. Although it will be HOT, we are very excited to see "Nonnie and Poppy" and do lots of fun things. The most exciting thing that we will be doing is taking the boys to Disney World!!!! I think Jonathan and I are just as excited as Silas, Eli and Cooper are (and they are REALLY excited). Jonathan hasn't been to Disney World in about 10 years, and it's been almost that long for me. We were both used to going almost every year of our lives until we got married, so we have missed it indeed, as I'm sure it has missed us. I hope the boys love it as much as we do. How could they not? Eli just starts squealing every time we mention it. He says, "Going Disney World in Juwuy!!" (that's July) They really don't even know what it is, they just know it's the castle that comes at the beginning of every movie they watch, and they know that lots of their favorite characters live there, like Simba, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Aladdin, Snow White (Eli's fave), etc., etc. And most importantly, they know they are going to have fun!!! After our day at Disney, the plan is for Nonnie and Poppy to take the boys back to Tampa so I can stay in Orlando for a few days with Jonathan. He has a 3-day conference there, so I may just sit by the pool and do nothing for those 3 days. Except see my sweet friend Katy! Of course it all depends on how Eli is doing, so keep praying that he will keep pooping! (I didn't mean pray for poop just so I can lounge by the pool for a few days) Hopefully we will be able to post some pictures along the way. We are so happy to be going on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

I'm thrilled that you and your family are getting to relax for a few days. take care.

Amy F said...