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Monday, August 25, 2008

The return of the poopy TWIN

The culprit

He knows Mommy is not happy!

"The Poopy Twins" first appearance last summer

Well, today it happened again. It has been just over a year since the last incident.

(For those of you who don't know the incident I am referring to, the "Poopy Twins" made their first, horrifying appearance last July. Here is my commentary on that:

"The "poopy twins" group of pictures happened on a lovely afternoon in July when Jonathan was out of town (nice how he planned that). I went to get Eli & Cooper up from their naps and this is what I found. I was not very happy with them to put it nicely. After an hour + of clean up and scrub downs, I was finally able to call a friend and laugh about it (only a little :). Here is the really funny part. When I first walked in the room and was finally able to speak, I said in a not so nice or soft voice, "You- are NOT dogs!", and Eli, with the cutest sound he could muster, said, "Woof woof?". It was pretty funny- but I really couldn't laugh at the time!")

This time it was Cooper working alone, while Eli peacefully slept, not knowing the deed that was being done just below his bed. (And although this incident was not as horrific as the first, there was definitely no laughing involved the second time around.) Cooper came out of his room after his nap and his right leg was covered with something that I desperately hoped was chocolate, but knew that it wasn't. I went and checked his bed and didn't see any more. Thank goodness for small miracles (I thought). After seriously getting on to him, I put him in the tub. Meanwhile, Silas limps into the bathroom with something stuck on the bottom of his foot. "OOoooo Mommy! I stepped in it!" he cried. "Stepped in what?" I asked, knowing he could not be talking about more poop. I followed him to Eli and Cooper's bedroom, where he found the rest of the evidence- in between their beds. It seemed that Cooper had been taking it out of his diaper and using it to finger paint on the carpet and his leg. NASTY!! Why does my sweet, cute as a button, youngest angel like to play with poop??!! I just don't understand. Poor innocent little Eli, snoring away on his bed, dreaming of Cinderella's Castle I'm sure, was awakened during all of the commotion. Thank goodness he never woke up while Cooper was at it- although he has turned into quite the responsible twin these days, so I really don't think he would have joined in.

Would he of? No, surely not. He's had enough poop drama for one year.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love poop!!! I don't think you could've been to upset if you are taking pics! I would have not been able to get the camera out!!! Nice line at the end (worth the addition...ha!)

The Woolfpack said...

Not that this will necessarily make you feel any better, but mom tells a story that when Heather was still in her crib, and we had a babysitter, they came home and the babysitter said (and she was totally serious) that Heather had done fingerpainting on the walls in her room. It wasn't finger paint...the babysitter thought she had found clay of some sort and painted the walls with it. I'm sure Heather will be thrilled that I just posted this story. Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. Thanks for sharing some dirt on Heather. No pun intended!
Congrats on your new nephew!!

Five Bama Tipton's said...

You were WAY sweeter than I know I would have been...gotta love those boys. The pay back can come when the girlfriends come home...break out the pictures. Ha! Love all the adorable pics of the boys.
Love- Sandy