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Monday, October 6, 2008

The Hike

ready for the climb!

most of our group

I love mountain streams! This is going to be easy!

okay, maybe not

we're getting close...

only 0.1 miles left!!!!!

LeConte Lodge cabins

the view from the Lodge

the Dining Hall
at sunset

getting ready for the descent

team "First to the Top" (but it wasn't a competition- right, Sarah?)

What an awesome trip!!! Last week, Jonathan and I got to go with a large group of friends to the Smokies to hike up Mt. LeConte. We started early Thursday morning after a good breakfast at the Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg, and got to the top a little after lunch time. The elevation is 6593 feet, so it was a pretty serious climb, but not too serious for these rookies! We, along with our hiking buddy Sarah, were first to the top! The Lodge at the top is such a cool little place- with rustic cabins, a Dining Hall and a big gathering room in the Lodge office for everybody to hang out in by the propane heater and play games. (and toilets that flush!!) The best part is just sitting outside in one of the rocking chairs and taking in all the beauty that God has made! After a big dinner in the Dining Hall (they even made me veggie meatloaf! yum!) we hiked out to a rocky crag (don't know if that's the correct term) to watch the sunset and sing. It was cold!! I think it got down to 29 that night. After a not-so-restful night, we ate a huge breakfast and then headed back down the mountain. It was so beautiful and just such a great experience- we would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a little mountain adventure! All their reservations are taken up like a year in advance, so you kind of have to plan REALLY early, but it's worth it! Thanks to our Harber friends for planning it all and giving us some last minute spots, and thanks to Jonathan's parents for keeping the wild bunch so we could go!


Amanda Suanne said...

ahh looks like such a beautiful place to go on a hike! I wish there were mountains here in Destin. I love it!

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