Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fundraising items

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have partnered with the 147 MILLION ORPHANS Organization and are selling a limited selection of their merchandise as well as our own t-shirts and the handmade crosses that we have been making.   If you would like to purchase any of the items, email me at and let me know what you would like.  I will send you an invoice with the total amount, including shipping, and you can pay through our donate button at right (goes to our Paypal account) or you can mail a check. All profits go to helping bring our sweet little one home!

red 147 shirt in adult sizes XS-XL  $20

{back of shirt}

brown 147 distressed trucker hat  $20

handmade earrings in cobalt- made by artisans in Haiti  $15

earrings in clear  $15

earrings in green  $15

earrings in brown (root beer colored)  $15

red silicone kids cuff bracelet  $3, gray silicone adult cuff bracelet  $3

large black silicone cuff bracelet  $6

Ugandan paper bead necklace in multi  (they are extra long!) $20

Ugandan paper bead necklace in red  $20

red triple strand bead bracelets- handmade in Honduras  $20

our adoption shirt in heather gray- adult sizes XS-2XL $20
and kids sizes 6,8,10,11,12,14  $15

{back of our shirts}

 Handmade crosses
These are handmade by us (mostly Jonathan) and no two will be alike.  They are made from recycled wood pieces, found objects and pages from old hymnals.  This is just a sampling of what we can make, but if you would like a more custom one then please contact us about that.  Please indicate what "look" you like best (use # under each cross)  if you are choosing from the pictures below, and we will try to make yours look as much like that one as possible (but it will not look exactly like this!).  Also tell us what word you would prefer if you would like to have a word on yours.  Will ship in 2-4 weeks.  We do have some already made that are not sold, so if you need it sooner please contact us.

#1 $48

#2 $52

#3  $52

 #4  $48


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